Supply chain sustainability is a topic of growing importance to businesses, governments and civil society partly because the scale, scope and severity of global economic, political, social and environmental challenges requires a coordinated response from all sectors of society. Companies have significant financial, technical, organisational and intellectual resources they can contribute to solving these sustainability challenges. They also have a critical role to play by developing and improving their policies and practices, in order to manage effectively the social, environmental and economic impacts of their supply chains. How exactly to do this is not always obvious for companies, so this Quick Self-Assessment and Learning Tool is designed to help determine the appropriate scope of their supply chain sustainability programmes.

Quick Self-Assessment and Learning Tool

This Quick Self-Assessment and Learning Tool will assist you to check quickly and anonymously your company’s supply chain sustainability strategy against suggested global guidance, and to identify both strengths and areas for improvement. It will help benchmark your company’s approach against a set of criteria developed by the United Nations Global Compact Advisory Group on Supply Chain Sustainability. It also includes numerous references to additional learning resources and partner organisations to help mitigate and manage country, issue and supplier risks

This tool was developed by the UN Global Compact (UNGC), BSR and Maplecroft and includes use of the Maplecroft interactive and "live" company scorecard and benchmarking functionality.


1 The Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum was developed by Maplecroft in partnership with the UN Global Compact.The UN Global Compact was not involved in developing, and is not affiliated with, the Maplecroft Country Risk Calculator and Supplier Self-Assessment Tool. The UN Global Compact notes that there are a range of publicly available tools and guidance material available in this area. See the UN Global Compact Supply Chain Resources website for more information.

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